What We Do

Serving largely companies in the financial, IT, technology, e-commerce, airline, luxury and hospitality sectors, we specialise in generating high sales growth, improving call centre performance and profit generating customer service.

To date, Teledirect has implemented over 5,000 successful programmes interacting with our clients' customers around the world and a customer acquisition track record of over 3 million. Teledirect has also received over 200 regional and international industry awards under the best contact centre operations and the best contact centre professionals’ categories.

We are headquartered in Singapore and we have a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Spain.

Core Values

  • Teamwork

    Together we make anything possible

  • Initiative

    Be the first to take charge

  • Courage

    Don't be afraid to take risks

  • Innovation

    Embrace new ideas and innovate

  • Trust

    You have only one reputation

History of Teledirect

For over two decades we've delivered customised customer engagements that have made us a trusted business process services to the world's leading brands.

Teledirect opens
in Singapore

( 1 Employee )


Teledirect opens
in Hong Kong

( 120 Employees )


Teledirect opens
in Malaysia

( 530 Employees )


Teledirect opens
in Thailand

( 800 Employees )


Teledirect opens
in Philippines

( 2,000 Employees )


Teledirect Opens
in Japan

( 2,500 Employees )


Teledirect Opens
in China

( 3,800 Employees )


Teledirect opens
in Spain

( 5,500 Employees )


Management Team

Teledirect is committed to excellence is underscored by our practice of recruiting the best of the best, customising products and services for rapid business growth, and setting standards for quality performance and superb results.

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Teledirect has won over 200 industry awards to date competing against the best business process services companies in the world.

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