Replicating company and service culture is critical to the success of a well-known brand as business expands into new foreign markets. The slightest misstep in delivering the standard of excellence that clients have come to expect, can wreak havoc on revenue and threaten the expansion altogether.

An online women’s high fashion retailer with customers in over 120 countries that offers luxury pieces from 200 top designers needed help delivering the same service quality as they embarked on their expansion into Asia.

  • Teledirect sent two management leads to the client’s headquarters in Germany to learn the culture and operational cycle.
  • The intensive onsite immersion helped management leads craft a customized training program.
  • Carefully selected fashion advisers represented the client through phone and email.
  • The team was housed in a fully customized facility with branding and fixtures inspired by their corporate headquarters.
  • The campaign was launched and in full operations two weeks after the site immersion in Germany.
  • 100% smooth operations throughout the live date with zero technical issues.
  • Consistently delivered high quality customer service which contributed to an NPS average rating over 85%.
  • High email engagement rate with over 95% response rate within 24 hours.
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