One of the world’s largest accommodation platforms with over millions of customers in thousands of cities around the world, needed a team which can keep up with their aggressive scale requirements, and not compromise the quality of their customer’s travel experience.

Responsive customer engagement strategies enable brands to quickly adjust operation levels and successfully seize opportunities whenever trends in the market change. A data-driven team goes a step further, by timing these adjustments, they maximise performance without making any concessions to the quality of service.

  • Teledirect closely partnered with the client to formulate profile requirements for the brand and the campaign.
  • We designed and developed scenario-based training programs focused on host and customer needs.
  • By prioritizing service quality, customer experience and innovation, a dedicated team of business analytics experts tracked customer trends, agent performance and team compliance.
  • We delivered actionable insights geared towards process efficiency and innovation.
  • We provided a customised web-based and mobile performance dashboard to give real-time reports on actual performance.
  • The campaign doubled from 300 FTEs in January 2017 to 650 in August 2017, in time for the seasonal summer spike.
  • We built an additional customized facility specifically dedicated for the campaign.
  • Launched a tier 2 voice and email support team to manage more complex scenarios including complaints and escalations.
  • The expansion needed 20 high calibre Mandarin-speaking agents for a seasonal market support.
  • We provided further support from hand-picked agents to manage 8,000 aging tickets overflow from the onshore support team.
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