Sell the benefits

05 Nov 2013

Sell the benefits

One of the biggest mistakes sales people, including telesales agents make is to talk about their product, their company and their product’s features in their sales pitch, rather than to sell the benefits to their product or service to the customer, according to Jenny Chin, Country Director, Teledirect Malaysia.

For example, customers will put the phone down when they hear sales pitch such as, “Hello, I’m Jenny from ABC. Company, the largest distributor of premium pens in Malaysia, and I’m calling to sell you a pen which lasts a lifetime.”

“Malaysians don’t like to hear the word ‘sell’ in the pitch, so take it out,” said Jenny. “Also, that script mentions the company and the product’s features.”

Of course this is an imaginary scenario but the pen ABC Company is selling is supposed to last a lifetime and is free of the kind of ink leakage which results in ink smudges which deface the paper, which is usually discarded and a fresh sheet used, resulting in paper wastage and increased cost. So, the sales pitch should sell the pen based upon how it can help save the customer money.

Jenny recommends a script such as, “Hello, I’m Jenny from ABC Company and I’m calling you because we have greatly helped a customer save 95% of its stationary cost with a pen which lasts longer, so we wonder if we can help you too.”

Telesales are mostly conducted by outbound contact centres – i.e. where agents call to customers, whilst customer service help desks are mostly inbound contact centres where agents take calls. Telesales agents should do your homework, know their prospects, speak slowly, listen to their prospects, use the same script and get a referral.

“As sales is an acquired skill, both inbound and outbound telesales contact centre operators should provide a safe working environment, employ agents with the right talents and character which fits the sales environment, make the centre has a fun office culture with freedom to experiment on different approaches, ensure agents are well rewarded since nobody works for free, provide training opportunities, and career planning to groom their talents,” said Jenny.

Formerly a teacher 30 years ago, Jenny Chin one day ventured into a commercial environment and discovered that sales is an acquired skill.

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