We have well thought out remuneration packages and comply with best practices, as well as related regulations and laws. We make it a priority to be competitive to attract high calibre personnel.

Incentive Mechanism
Teledirect University

Our incentive mechanism follows the Teledirect Productivity Index 2X (TPI2X) methodology and agents are rewarded according to a performance index with an incentive accelerator at a slope of 2X. This accelerator also acts as a decelerator for low performance.

Over the years, we've tried to simplify the way we measure performance and to make it simple enough to cut across all projects.

We consolidate all KPIs together with their respective weightages

The KPI matrix is converted into an index that meets 100% at 1.0

Depending on the weightage between the given KPIs, our employees will have only one measurement eventually which hovers from 0 to 1.0 and above

Teledirect believes that our strategies must be consistent to strengthen our ability to attract, motivate, and keep qualified talent. To that end, we strive to fairly recognize and reward exceptional performance.

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