Process Improvement and Analytics

Our Business Analytics team's priority is to investigate different ways of visualising data more effectively to provide insights that help managers make better and timelier decisions.

They review all reporting needs and modify our processes to meet the requirements set by the client. Once they've designed the templates and automated the process, the team runs routine report extraction and intervene ad hoc to run queries specific to the immediate and changing business needs. They are a critical part of our continuous improvement ethos and propose improvement ideas, supported by actionable data.

Employee Satisfaction Insights Visualization

To better understand how we can improve the employee experience at Teledirect, we analyse our Employee Satisfaction with statistical and visualisations tools. We import data into SPSS to establish which factors have the strongest correlation to overall employee satisfaction by optimising the decision tree.

Our analytical tools help us extract deeper insights and visualize data for clarity to form a better understanding of the bigger picture. We then accurately identify which age group or tenure is more or less satisfied with the work environment or any other aspect of their career with us.

We now understand the root causes and make accurate recommendations on how we can improve our employees' overall satisfaction.

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