Our digital training tools are focused on creating extraordinary and engaging experiential learning.

What are the top 20 reasons customers contact us? Each reason either relates to a product feature, a process, a communication skill or a system input. We train our employees by contact disposition rather than by product, process, system or soft skills. At Teledirect, our employees benefit from tailored learning experiences that maximise retention for tangible personal and professional growth.

We hire intelligent individuals who demonstrate, embody and understand the value of self-driven continuous learning. We have created an environment that encourages and rewards initiative and through several tools made available on the journey towards discovery, we help our employees reach their learning goals:

  • Quicklearn
  • SAP (LMS)
  • Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Screen Recording

Teledirect University is our enduring commitment to skills training and career acceleration.

Training at Teledirect not only comes with certification but also with training badges and rewards for employees going the extra mile in their learning journey. These badges are also appended to the appraisal process and contribute to the annual employee evaluation.

Our GROW coaching methodology combined with our e-coaching system significantly enhances our ability to monitor the quality of our employee’s learning and development. Through it we deliver the right training at the right time by identifying gaps in coaching early on due to system performance triggers. Our digital tool affords us maximum visibility on coaching.

This methodology provides a systematic approach from diagnosis, skill transfer, to measurement of success.

Needs Analysis / Pre-training

Understand performance objectives and identify any performance gaps or issues. Identify those that can be best solved by training.

Assessments and training objectives

Determine the learning outcomes for the program and how they will be measured. Identify the topics and elements for training.

Systems and Process Review

Determine the support and changes required to facilitate the use of new skills / knowledge introduced by the training.

Program Development / Training Design

Develop the appropriate training program(s) / Design the training content, case studies, role plays and assessment tasks.

Performance Baseline Setting

Set performance baseline before the training for tracking the impact of training.

Training Pilot and Rollout

Test the training with a representative group, make any necessary adjustments and deliver the training.

Post-training Reinforcement

Reinforce the learning and ensure complete skills transfer sustaining the momentum through coaching and on the job evaluation.

e-Coaching System Flowchart

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