We boast a devoted software development team that’s dedicated to continually deploying systems that enhance the customer experience across the organisation. We have a business analytics team that continuously looks at ways to display information more accurately and informatively, with a view to making better and timelier decisions.

Our teams leverage an Online Coaching tool and Tableau based Decision Support Systems

We deploy various enterprise grade telephony tools but we are open to discussing our client’s preference and integration options

We continue to update our suite of Online reporting dashboards and improve our own Contact Management System TeleSmart to deliver.

Knowledge Base

Online Scripts

HR Integration

Call-Back Management

Detailed and thorough Reporting

Automated Case Escalation

Integrated Emails

Online Quizzes

Real-Time Coaching Module

Real-Time Quality Assurance

Omni-channel Handling e.g. Email, Mail, Fax, Voice, Telex, Social Media

Our implementation of a Data Warehouse enables the aggregation of all core data into one regional system - cutting across all projects and making it possible to output customized information that's elegant and accessible.

Internet of Things

Digital transformation has had a profound impact on how businesses engage with clients about products and in this hyper connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have an even greater influence on customer service.

As more smart devices connect to private networks or to the internet, the resulting influx of data will be of great value to planning better customer experiences. We have developed a web based TeleSmart to provide IoT solutions that seize the opportunity of proactive listening and problem solving for our clients.

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