From our experience in the industry we believe that a business process service provider can improve performance by a minimum of 30%. We have set up over a dozen engagement centres in 8 countries across Asia and Europe. We have trained thousands of agents to drive the performance of over 5,000 varied projects.

Campaign Tracking Key Measurement Indexes

To support the success of our clients we focus on:

  • Process Analysis
  • Process Review
  • Training Delivery
  • Mystery Shopper Programmes
  • Data Mining & Database Administration
  • Process Design
  • Design of Training Tools
  • Overall Project Management
  • Provision of Software Development
  • Talent Support
  • Provision of TeleSmart

Campaign Tracking Solutions

At the heart of our campaign tracking solution is a strong dependence on smart and friendly analytics.

Helping our clients achieve high performance while fostering an innovative and diverse culture is our goal at Teledirect.

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