We serve our client’s needs with highly structured and process driven activities to secure results that meet and exceed expectations while giving paramount consideration to brand image and reputation. We achieve a higher and faster rate of sales for our clients through focused strategies via our outbound inside sales platform.

Inside Sales Framework

Our key measurements of success keep us a step ahead in providing higher sales faster:

  • Revenue-cost Ratio
  • Cost Per Sale
  • Agent Productivity
  • Sales Agent Conversion Rate
  • Contact Rate of Database
  • Analysis by Customer Segments
  • Decision Maker Contact

Delivering High-Quantifiable Results

Teledirect has a core of dedicated and experienced trainers who are skilled in building effective teams to meet all expectations and needs. Our teams score 80 on the Global Social Selling Index, which is above the industry average of 70.

Social Selling Metrics

  • Build Relationships
  • Engage with Insights
  • Finding the Right People
  • Establishing your Brand
Inside Sales Strategies

Building and nurturing existing relationships through strategies such as Social Selling to offer new services or products.

Expert scripting tailored to engage and empathise with consumers.

Systematic auditing and coaching processes to maintain accuracy, consistency and professionalism.

Strict methodology of Quality Control to check infringements and suggest corrective actions.

Ongoing improvement of tools and techniques to maintain highest quality and performance.

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