Our regional offices have proficient brand experience experts that cater to a wide spectrum of language-specific markets 24/7. We deliver voice and non-voice solutions in 23 languages to B2B and B2C companies across the globe.

Language Capabilities

In Singapore and Spain, we leverage on our ability to source international talent to support clients with specific products and services that are tailored to different European markets.

As our language hub and centre of excellence in sales acceleration, Malaysia's diverse culture enables us to source agents that are proficient on average, in three languages for Malaysia and multiple for Asia.

The Philippines' strength lies in its large pool of talent with a neutral English accent which is preferred by the world's most valuable brands in the West and ANZ markets.

China and Hong Kong cater to the one of the largest consumer markets in Asia by being able to deliver customised customer support in many dialects to a growing number of customers.

We support complex language-specific markets like Japan, drawing tech savvy talent groomed in a culture that is at forefront of technology.

Thailand is an emerging market economy with robust growth. We have nurtured our expertise in service excellence across Indochina.

Multi-Lingual Support
  • Customer service
  • Telemarketing
  • Inside Sales
  • Revenue Generation
  • Omni-Channel
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