The number of ways that customers contact brands has grown from a handful to over a few dozen and with every innovation that number continues to grow. We understand that the biggest challenge is delivering consistent, effective, reliable, customized service quality across all customer channels that improve loyalty and increase brand affinity.

Omni-Channel Ecosystem

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Chat
  • Messaging
  • Social Media

Our teams have honed expertise in Omni-channel customer service where email, text, message and social media have been integrated to provide a unified experience for our clients' customers. The measurement tools enable us to evaluate and adjust strategies for better performance on each platform. We prioritise quality across these channels to ensure that the solution adds value not only to our client's bottom line but to the customer journey as well.

Omni Channel Key Measurement Indexes

  • Call Handling
  • Non-Defect Handling
  • Non-Satisfactory Results
  • Call Satisfaction Survey
  • First Call Resolution
  • Tech Support Resolution Rate
  • Email Resolution Rate
  • Live Chat
  • Social Interactions
  • Brand Sentiment
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