Increasing Sales Revenue For Various Industries

We have long acquired an acute understanding of the cultural shift critical within the organisation to turn Teledirect into a revenue generating partner for leading B2B and B2C brands. It is no secret that great customer experiences and satisfaction are key drivers in turning a lead into a customer.

We've changed our hiring process and to support new talent, we have revamped our training modules to reinforce a sales culture that emphasises on building relationships and making agents more effective engines of revenue to grow our clients' businesses.

  • Successful Strategies For Digital

    We grow our client's revenue by delivering customized client trainings, skills enhancement, QBRs and leadership development initiatives to empower our employees to provide the best support to agencies in their effort to impart skills and build strategies for advertisers to win more business.

  • Delivering Unique Experiences In Hospitality

    We deliver responsive customer engagement strategies to enable brands to quickly adjust operation levels and successfully seize opportunities whenever trends in the market change. Our data-driven team goes a step further, by timing these adjustments to maximise performance and drive revenue.

  • Driving Operational Performance In Finance

    Our experience with technology, product development and market intelligence enables us to anticipate project needs, manage changing team sizes and quickly scale and build teams of inside sales experts to drive revenue.

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